Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen New Version 2016

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Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen New Version 2016 one of popular anime that has many character and many skill ready to combine. This game is fighting genre, by download from this site you will get till the latest plot story, goku and vegeta support by super saiyan 5 mode, and every char has their own special skill. If you are dragon ball lovers than make sure to have this one cause we give you most compleate char that ready to be played.

dragon ball heroes mugen

Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen Free Download Full

What make this one special, like what i said before there are most full character that ready in used. There are 144 characters, started from litle goku story till the end of story fight with shenlong. Other benefith is more then 70 stages ready.


download dragon ball heroes mugen

Some tips in special skills :

There are a way to released your most powerfull skill, then make sure you have enough of energy then follow this instruction. Note, this is just general skill that can used, if you want to get the secret one try to open ‘Readme.txt’ or ‘Movelist.txt’ in the folder that downloaded from this post.

  • Down, Forward + Some Button
  • Down, Backward + Some Button
  • Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button
  • Down,Backward,Down,Backward + Some Button
  • Down,Backward,Forward + Some Button
  • Down,Forward,Backward + Some Button

dragon ball heroes mugen final free download
There are a lot of version of this game in internet, what we shared here is the real high resolution one. So it has the best graphics and game play when compare with the other one. I hope you enjoy this one, to know full list of character look video below. There are new update with vegeta version.

Download Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen V3 New Version 2015

Download Link

There are 3 part of the files, you just need to download each of them then extract it in your folder. You don’t need to install, just extract then it ready to use. You can use gamepad controller, or just use keyboard. For additional tips, try practice mode bevore play arcade or multiplayer. You can do transformation in the game, try to use vegito cause you will find out that it can be transform become super saiyan 3 in here.

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