King of Fighters (KOF) Mugen Games For PC

By On Saturday, October 15th, 2016 Categories : Fighting, mugen – In this post we will update and list all king of fighters mugen games for pc. There are bunch of list this genre of games. King Of Fighters mugen games got popular in 2002, and actually still there are a lot of people out of there search the latest update for this one. For everyone who want a compleate list of KOF Games in 2016 and 2017 then this post is all you need.

For every list of game below is not create or develop by, we just share and make some note about every KOF game and hope every one can found this mugen games easily.

King of Fighters Mugen Games For PC

The King of Fighters (KOF) Mugen Download

King Of Fighters or you can call by KOF is a series of fighting games that let the player to fight with the npc or other player. This series of games popular in arcade game, maybe you ever tried this one especially in 1994 – 2000. Then when there are a lot people has computer, many people this game in mugen version and it being popular till this day.

What We shared this day is the full list mugen that has been released and old version that has new version or new update.

  • Genres : Fighting
  • Developers : SNK
  • Publishers : SNK
  • Platform of origin Arcade

There are at least 10+ KOF games that can be downloaded here, every version and genre has their own advantages and features. But for mugen version is not official publised by SNK, every edition is developed by fans KOF.

The King of Fighters 2002 UM Mugen

This edition got popular till this day, you can find all character of KOF in arcade game in this version. KOF 2002 Mugen gameplay adapted by the real one, in this version you can fight another player (multiplayer) or just fight with npc in the game.

The King of Fighters 2002 UM Mugen

Download King Of Fighters 2002 UMFiredeop, single link

For Gameplay, make sure to check KOF 2002

The King of Fighters Zillion 2016

The latest edition that i could find in internet, this zillion edition has tag feature system. This edition can being one of masterpiece KOF actually for this year. Zillion is created by mugenchina, all credit is deserved for him. This game really dedicated for fans of KOFZ, they make it free and playable for everyone.

King of Fighters Zillion 2016 download

Game Informations

  • Engine : Mugen
  • Genre : Fighting
  • Language: English
  • Size : 1.2 GB [WINRAR]

The best thing in this KOFZ is battle tag team system, you can fight in tag team and it really make it more interesting in awfull of game. For fans of kof (just like me), we sure you will fall in love in this version.

Download King Of Fighters Zillion (KOFZ) : 4Shared

Gameplay Tag Team KOF Zillion

The King of Fighters MAX 2016

What i know about this edition is KOF MAX got inspired by maximum impact in ps2 version. Actually you can find all character KOF Max impact in this mugen version. There are 50+ characters that ready to choose, and like other edition, every char has their own skills and combo. Want to see some combo of them, see gameplay below.

The King of Fighters MAX 2016

Download King of Fighters MAX : Mega, Single link


For now we shared 3 edition of KOF Games, most of them are popular one. If you need another version, just contact us and we will update this post as soon as posible. King Of Fighters mugen game is free fighting games that still recommended to play till now.

Make sure to collect all version, and fight with your best characters in KOF Mugen games pc.

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