Mugen Deadpool Marvel Download For PC Latest Edition

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DMugen Deadpool Marvel – In this post we shared something unique, we not share game but mugen character. Most popular character in marvel and in this year, mugen deadpool. This mugen can be added to other your mugen’s game, so it will be included in your game. There are some unique voice and skill that deadpoll can do, want to know more about him check this post till the end.

  • Special Thanks to Infinite
  • Posted in : August 2016
  • Size : 13 Mb
  • Genre : Mugen Characters

Mugen Deadpool Infinite

Deadpool being more popular in this year, when it film in movie edition. What i read that the producer really got a lot of money from this movies. We can assumption that deadpool really has a lot of fans out of there. You can combine this char in latest mugen that we shared, check link below.

Mugen Deadpool 2016

Mugen Deadpool Download

Link : Marvel VS Capcom Mugen Download

After combine you can try some fight like deadpool vs ryu, captain america, hulk, spiderman, iron man, megaman and many other character in that games. in this update character already included by deadpool stages, a stage that custom to deadpool environment. We can assume some score for this character’s.

  • Offense: 4
  • Defense: 3
  • AI: 3deadpool mugen
  • Spriting: 4
  • Animations: 5 – Great

What make it more special, this char download already included by sound of deadpool, it hear’s so amazing and like the real one.

What new in this version :

  • Air Combo’s selectable in the config
  • You can remove the gun shell’s if you have slowdown
  • 4th Wall Crisis Bar select
  • Palette Selector
  • Added alt voice in the config
  • Added alt hisounds in the config
  • Added alt hitsparks in the conig

Download Mugen Deadpool Character [Update]

Download Link : Mediafire, onedrive

How To install this mugen deadpool

  1. Make Sure you already download marvel’s mugen games from link in this post
  2. Download deadpool mugen from link above
  3. Then you will get rar files
  4. Extract rar files
  5. copy and paste extract files to your marvel’s mugen games (you don’t need to install)
  6. Enjoy your game

Deadpool Movelist

U – up LP – light punch LK – light kick
D – down MP – medium punch MK – medium kick
F – forward HP – heavy punch HK – heavy kick
B – back P – any punch K – any kick
s – start 2P- two punches 2K- two kicks

(A) – Move can be performed in the air also.
(Air) – Move must be performed in the air.
(EX) – Move has an EX version, performed by pressing two punch/kick buttons.
(MAX) – Use two punch/kick buttons when performing a Super move to power it up.

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