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Downloadanimegames.net – Pokemon Zeta Omicron Download one of the most popular pokemon game that released in pc. Yes, this game playable in pc without any console, emulator or any additional programs. What you need to do, just download and play as pokemon trainer. Zeta and Omicron is two of different edition that tell same plot story but different in main char. Zeta and Omicron is not official developed by nintendo but this one still recommended to play for all of pokemon lovers. AnimeGames rate this one for 4/5.

Pokemon Zeta Omicron cover

Pokemon PC Game Zeta and Omicron Gameplot

The overall game uses a young idol of Nyasa Area as he/she fights against an organization that who want to capture all pokemon for something bad and to avenge his/her house and save the planet. The overall game takes place inside the Vesryn location, that will be built generally of several landmasses: the Chrome Group, the mainland together with the Vesryn Spear. The Vesryn Spear is barely after defeating the Elite 4 accessible possesses the second portion of the story, then the area that is second is available afterwards.


Pokemon Zeta and Omicron Download

Free Download Pokemon Zeta and Omicron

tag team Pokemon Zeta and Omicron Download

There is an extensive selection of locations for example marine cities, cities within the clouds as well as in-house. Trip around the world to aid defeat Team Asgard directed by Odin (Zeta) or Group Olympus directed by Zeus (Omicron) before they abuse the energy of particular Pokemon to become gods themselves!

System Requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
  • Memory: 256 MB of system RAM
  • Hard Drive: 161MB HD space.
  • CPU: 1.5GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 equivalent or higher processor

Video Gameplay

Games Feature

  • 2 Regions (Vesryn and Aroma)
  • 649 Pokemon [and more] and viable ways to catch them
  • Mega Evolution
  • Challenge Mode
  • HM Items (Genius)!
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Online Battle and Trade

Download Pokemon Zeta and Omicron Download For PC

Link : Single Link Mediafire

Some modification that you can try to make your game experience better than  It resizes several the back sprites (specifically Unova Pokemon) such as Hydreigon, Zoroark, Scrafty (and a few dozen others) that were widely considered far too small and awkward.

How to install Resized Battle Sprites

To install it, open up your game’s folder and drop these into your Graphics/Battlers folder. If you have a mac, you can find your game’s folder by right clicking the app, clicking Show Package contents, then navigating through drive_c, Program Files and your folder should be right there.
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For anyone who don’t  believe that this one is the most popular pokemon for pc game make sure to prove it by your self. Game mode, story and there a lot of pokemon to train. Download it now and if you found any error link please report to us. Thanks buddy happy trainer.

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